Active Soya Vegan Flour
KWD 3.500 KWD 3.500 3.5 KWD
100% soybean flour. Excellent mass whitener, also increases its volume and keeps the product fresh. Mix with flour. For the elaboration of cinnamon rolls, biscuits and breads special.
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Agar Agar
KWD 22.000 KWD 22.000 22.0 KWD
A natural gelling plant extract of a red algae (red seaweeds). This natural additive easily replaces gelatin and can be used in hot foams / cold foams / hot gelatin> 90آ؛ C / cold gelatin / cold puree / veils. Mix in a liquid bring to a boil and let cool. RECIPE CORNER Fruit coulis Fruit caviar Gelatine of peas Macaroni of tomatoes
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Arabic Gum
KWD 10.050 KWD 10.050 10.05 KWD
Thickening agent, stabiliser and emulsifier. Is used as an adhesive for cakes and ice creams, crystallization inhibitors in pastry, thickener in jams. Apply cold or heat.
Baking powder
KWD 3.500 KWD 3.500 3.5 KWD
Increases mass volume in the time of cooking. Improves the fluffiness. To be used in any type of pastry dough, biscuits, cookies and cakes. To be mixed with the flour before mixing with the rest of the ingredients of the formula.
Bicarbonate of Soda/Sodium
KWD 3.250 KWD 3.250 3.25 KWD
Acidity regulator and gasifying agent. Mix with the flour or solids. Application: Pastry and bread dough. Remarks: Acts best with the addition of some acid to the recipe.
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Calcium Gluconate & Lactic Calcium
KWD 5.000 KWD 5.000 5.0 KWD
This additive is a salt that enables 'spherification' . A calcium bath that is added with the prepared liquid mix,( use in molecular gastronomy in making fake caviar. آ  Used also for reverse spherification in which the end product can be dissolved and used again. RECIPE CORNER Caviar of liquorice Tortilla coulant Sperification of raspberryآ 
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Carob Bean Gum
KWD 32.350 KWD 32.350 32.35 KWD
Carob bean gum brings viscosity to food preparations. It improves water retention in food. It also prevents ice crystals from forming in house windows and makes them more supple. It also delays the melting of ice and sorbets. Carob bean gum is heat-soluble. The carob flour keeps its properties in acid solutions (lemon juice, vinegar, ...) RECIPE CORNER Stable cream Macaroni of Soya Fresco dessert
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Chickpea Flour
KWD 5.000 KWD 5.000 5.0 KWD
High in protein, iron and fiber, it is ground-up chickpeasآ  raw. Beyond the health benefits, chickpea flour is remarkably versatile and has a subtle flavor, which makes it great for cooking savory dishes as well as for baking sweet desserts. Chickpea flour really is awesome!
Citric Acid
KWD 7.300 KWD 7.300 7.3 KWD
A foodآ additive in drinks and dishes, in baking powder, antioxidant, neutralizing, conservative. Can be used in place of lemon juice traditional recipes but at a concentration below the diluted juice. Used in flavoring, acidulant as in jams, sodas and candy. RECIPE CORNER Neutral shine with fruits
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Cone Mini Neutral Assorted Colors D.6cm X 9pcs
KWD 2.250 KWD 2.250 2.25 KWD
Ready to fill assortment of mini waffle cones of colors (black, green and red) with natural cut 78mm length with sweeteners.
Cone Mini Neutral D.6cm X 9pcs
KWD 2.250 KWD 2.250 2.25 KWD
Ready to fill mini waffle cone natural cut 78mm length with sweeteners.
Cream of Tartar
KWD 15.050 KWD 15.050 15.05 KWD
An ingredient that facilitates the union of water molecules with fat molecules. This union facilitates the incorporation air in many different types of dishes, from beaten pastes to foams, right through to mousses and ice- creams. For this reason having a good range of emulsifiers is essential to make a good dessert.
Fish Gelatin
KWD 21.060 KWD 21.060 21.06 KWD
Odorless gelatin powder from fish origin and a good substitute to other animal gelatins. Suitable for halal formulations. Properties: Thermoreversible between 35o - 40 degres. Freezeble Gelling temperature <15. Dissolves at 45degrees soft and flexible gel. Dissolves in hot liquid with strong agitation. Gelation speed: Intermediate.
Flour Improver
KWD 8.750 KWD 8.750 8.75 KWD
This bread and brioche improver has so many virtues: it is specially great in high humidity environment, it provides toughness mass, it improves hydration mass, it reinforces the gluten mesh, it improves the taste itself, it reduces the time kneading bread, it improves the conversation of the bread and its color and finally, it increases the enzyme activity and gives greater volume for all your breads!
Freeze Dried Natural Green Olive Powder
KWD 36.550 KWD 36.550 36.550000000000004 KWD
Freeze dried green olives reduces to a fine powder, amazing when mixed with other flours and very creative ! Can also be used as a NATURAL COLOR for on sponge, meringue, macaron, royal icing, jelly, chocolate, cocoa butter, ice cream, custard, pasta. RECIPE CORNER Verbena lemon and green olive fruit paste
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Gum paste
KWD 14.850 KWD 14.850 14.85 KWD
Hardener for fondant, sugar paste and marzipan in order to facilitate modelling and drying / Improves elasticity in bread dough / Mixed with liquid, dietary glue is obtained, suitable for cake decorations, or protective agent to cover fruit / Stabilizer for ready-to-bake products. Apply directly to hot or cold prepration and stir while incorporating.
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Living Salt
KWD 8.850 KWD 8.850 8.85 KWD
A type of salt that causes an exothermic reaction by recrystallization, when it is previously dissolved in an aqueous liquid. It allows cook food slowly or instantly. It can be used in 3 ways: Hot Live Salt (System suitable for long cooking or large pieces), Salt viva Cold (System indicated for short cooking or small pieces), Fractal live salt (System indicated to obtain salt crystals to use as a complement in dishes). RECIPE CORNER Hot living salt Cold living salt
KWD 12.000 KWD 12.000 12.0 KWD
Maltosec is quite simply a food starch (tapioca maltodextrin derived from tapioca). It absorbs and thickens fats, hence converts fat in powder. Mix with any kind of fat , it is is soluble in cold and hot. Can be baked wih nuts as it coagulate and form into crust. RECIPE CORNER Olive powder Pistachio powder Fake chocolate crumble Pistachio crunchy Galette of hazelnut Mushroom olive oil marshmallows Tropical sphere Sesame crackers
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Pectin NH
KWD 16.950 KWD 16.950 16.95 KWD
Fruit pectin NH is a blend of food additives used as a texturant. Its a thickener and/or gelling (in presence of calcium) particularly suited to the manufacture of gelling glazings with fruit pulp at a dosage of 0.80 to 1.20% according to the formulation and to the required texture. It can be applied to pulp and fruit juices, mixed fruit, sugar and citric acid, creating the typical classical pأ¢te de fruit jams. RECIPE CORNER White chocolate mousse Raspberry marmalade Neutral glaze Raspberry fruit paste Strawberry glaze Mandarine Yuzu and lemon cake
Pectin Yellow Rapid Set
KWD 10.750 KWD 10.750 10.75 KWD
Modifying texture agent. Gelling and thickening. Used in pulps and juices.
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