Arabic Gum
KWD 9.250 KWD 9.250 9.25 KWD
Thickening agent, stabiliser and emulsifier. Is used as an adhesive for cakes and ice creams, crystallization inhibitors in pastry, thickener in jams. Apply cold or heat.
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KWD 12.000 KWD 12.000 12.0 KWD
Maltosec is quite simply a food starch (tapioca maltodextrin derived from tapioca). It absorbs and thickens fats, hence converts fat in powder. Mix with any kind of fat , it is is soluble in cold and hot. Can be baked wih nuts as it coagulate and form into crust. RECIPE CORNER Olive powder Pistachio powder Fake chocolate crumble Pistachio crunchy Galette of hazelnut Mushroom olive oil marshmallows Tropical sphere Sesame crackers
Gelcrem Cold
KWD 5.800 KWD 5.800 5.8 KWD
GELCREM is a substitute for corn starch that can be used with any type of liquid. It gives products a stable viscosity whether it is in the oven or in acidic mixtures. Optimal applications: raw pastry creams / cold creams . Other elaborations: densified soups RECIPE CORNER Cream of raspberry Cream of basil Gel of oregano
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Xanthan Gum
KWD 14.650 KWD 14.650 14.65 KWD
Thickener , emulsifier, suspensor. An interesting gelling agent which will allow you to make sauces, false mayonnaises, soups, syrups and stabilize solids in drinks.
Sodium Alginate
KWD 9.750 KWD 9.750 9.75 KWD
This additive is used to make pearls, fake caviar, ravioli, alginate spaghetti. RECIPE CORNER Spherification of Lychee Spherification of yoghurt Tortilla coulant
Powdered Vegetable Gelling Agent
KWD 8.250 KWD 8.250 8.25 KWD
Natural origin ingredient. Jellying agent for completely transparent water based gels. Gelatines are ingredients of natural origin that have a great capacity to absorb water molecules and therefore prevent them from separating. In the case of vegetable gelatine, it is used by bringing it to the boil and then filling the moulds. It is very elastic/flexible gelatine that absorbs water well. It can be used to glaze fruit. Gelling temperature: 60 degres C. RECIPE CORNER Strawberry spaghetti Caviar of vegetal gelatine Macaroni of soya Gelatine of pear Sheet of raspberry
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Xoco Nappage X 58 Pectin
KWD 14.500 KWD 14.500 14.5 KWD
The product by excellence which will allow you to make your home glacage in a faster and more efficient way than your old recipe! RECIPE CORNER Praline cream
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Pectin Yellow
KWD 10.750 KWD 10.750 10.75 KWD
Modifying texture agent. Gelling and thickening. Used in pulps and juices.
Pectin NH
KWD 19.500 KWD 19.500 19.5 KWD
Fruit pectin NH is a blend of food additives used as a texturant. Its a thickener and/or gelling (in presence of calcium) particularly suited to the manufacture of gelling glazings with fruit pulp at a dosage of 0.80 to 1.20% according to the formulation and to the required texture. It can be applied to pulp and fruit juices, mixed fruit, sugar and citric acid, creating the typical classical pأ¢te de fruit jams. RECIPE CORNER White chocolate mousse Raspberry marmalade Neutral glaze Raspberry fruit paste Strawberry glaze Mandarine Yuzu and lemon cake
Silica gel sachet x 20
KWD 25.000 KWD 25.000 25.0 KWD
Simply introduce a sachet inside the container that contains the food that you want to preserve from humidity and close the container hermetically. Excellent for the preservation of nuts, freeze dried itemds, salts, sugars, candies, crunchy and crackers. RECIPE CORNER Sugar strings
Prosorbet Stabilizer For Sorbet
KWD 32.000 KWD 32.000 32.0 KWD
A profesional stabiliser for all your favourite sorbet, elaborated in cold process
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Bourbon Vanilla Paste
KWD 32.250 KWD 32.250 32.25 KWD
Pure Bourbon vanilla beans and seeds reduced to paste. Great for adding the natural flavour you require for all your desserts , ganache and ice creams ! RECIPE CORNER Bourbon vanilla ice cream Promochi (Kuzu) with vanilla Bourbon vanilla mousse
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Coffee pure natural extract
KWD 26.900 KWD 26.900 26.900000000000002 KWD
Natural essence, extracted from coffee, suitable to flavor chocolate as well as other mediums like beverages, cake batters and more. Can also be pulverized directly onto your food items !
Sweet Smoked Paprika
KWD 5.850 KWD 5.850 5.8500000000000005 KWD
Natural sweet smoked paprika powder, great for ganache, salted macarons, general cooking or breads. Can also be used as آ  NATURAL COLOR in chocolate and cocoa butter.
Gingerbread Powder
KWD 14.040 KWD 14.040 14.040000000000001 KWD
Aromatic powder blend of spice bread. Its peculiar and spicy flavor was achieved by mixing cinnamon, coriander, mace, green anise, black pepper and cloves. This Nordic cake, traditionally Christmas, is delicious throughout the year.
Madagascar Vanilla Pods X 6
KWD 22.900 KWD 22.900 22.900000000000002 KWD
Juicy and plumpy Madagascar vanilla pods that await to be infused or grated to indulge your favorite custard or whipped cream.
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Freeze Dried Red Beet Cress
KWD 46.800 KWD 46.800 46.800000000000004 KWD
Scarlet cress lyophilized, it has a very lively color that will give an original touch to any dish. what accompanies well meat dishes, game, fish and salads.To play with the taste contrasts, you can add it in a dessert, as opposed to its sweetness. With freeze-dried flowers, you can have them throughout the year, without having to worry if it is season or not.
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Marygold Petals
KWD 63.200 KWD 63.200 63.2 KWD
Freeze-dried marigold petals. With freeze-dried flowers, you can have them throughout the year, without having to worry if it is season or not.
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Red Beet Natural Extract in Powder
KWD 8.700 KWD 8.700 8.700000000000001 KWD
Red beet natural extract in powder, great for salted macarons, tahina, cheesecakes, breads ect... Can also be used as a NATURAL COLOR on sponge, croissant, meringue, macaron, royal icing, jelly, chocolate, cocoa butter, ice cream, custard, pasta. RECIPE CORNER Meringue with red beet powder
Organic "Matcha" Green Tea Powder
KWD 38.800 KWD 38.800 38.800000000000004 KWD
Undeniable for a japanese kick to your confections, this is a premium organic Matcha powder indeed. Use it in beverages, cakes, frostings Can also be used as a NATURAL COLOR and FLAVOUR in chocolate and cocoa butter RECIPE CORNER Matcha tea bubbles Chocolate and Matcha tea rock