Freeze Dried Red Blueberries
KWD 8.300 KWD 8.300 8.3 KWD
Freeze dried whole blueberries. Blueberry freeze dried is a product that has an intense, fresh, natural flavour that widens the scope for creativity in confectionery, bread products, desserts, ice-creams, teas, fillings, etc.
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Marzipan Almond Paste 50%
KWD 14.200 KWD 14.200 14.200000000000001 KWD
Almond marzipan 50% almond, 50% sugar, perfect for fillings all your favourite chocolate sweets and cakes
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Peta Neutral Crispy Fizzy Sugar
KWD 16.950 KWD 16.950 16.95 KWD
Explosive fizzy decoration (0.5 to 4.5mm) ideal for accompanying and decorating cakes, chocolates, ice-creams, etc. An electric explosion in your mouth !
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Arabic Gum
KWD 9.250 KWD 9.250 9.25 KWD
Thickening agent, stabiliser and emulsifier. Is used as an adhesive for cakes and ice creams, crystallization inhibitors in pastry, thickener in jams. Apply cold or heat.
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KWD 12.000 KWD 12.000 12.0 KWD
Maltosec is quite simply a food starch (tapioca maltodextrin derived from tapioca). It absorbs and thickens fats, hence converts fat in powder. Mix with any kind of fat , it is is soluble in cold and hot. Can be baked wih nuts as it coagulate and form into crust. RECIPE CORNER Olive powder Pistachio powder Fake chocolate crumble Pistachio crunchy Galette of hazelnut Mushroom olive oil marshmallows Tropical sphere Sesame crackers
Gelcrem Cold
KWD 5.800 KWD 5.800 5.8 KWD
GELCREM is a substitute for corn starch that can be used with any type of liquid. It gives products a stable viscosity whether it is in the oven or in acidic mixtures. Optimal applications: raw pastry creams / cold creams . Other elaborations: densified soups RECIPE CORNER Cream of raspberry Cream of basil Gel of oregano
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Xanthan Gum
KWD 14.650 KWD 14.650 14.65 KWD
Thickener , emulsifier, suspensor. An interesting gelling agent which will allow you to make sauces, false mayonnaises, soups, syrups and stabilize solids in drinks.
Powdered Vegetable Gelling Agent
KWD 8.250 KWD 8.250 8.25 KWD
Natural origin ingredient. Jellying agent for completely transparent water based gels. Gelatines are ingredients of natural origin that have a great capacity to absorb water molecules and therefore prevent them from separating. In the case of vegetable gelatine, it is used by bringing it to the boil and then filling the moulds. It is very elastic/flexible gelatine that absorbs water well. It can be used to glaze fruit. Gelling temperature: 60 degres C. RECIPE CORNER Strawberry spaghetti Caviar of vegetal gelatine Macaroni of soya Gelatine of pear Sheet of raspberry
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Citric Acid
KWD 6.600 KWD 6.600 6.6000000000000005 KWD
A foodآ additive in drinks and dishes, in baking powder, antioxidant, neutralizing, conservative. Can be used in place of lemon juice traditional recipes but at a concentration below the diluted juice. Used in flavoring, acidulant as in jams, sodas and candy. RECIPE CORNER Neutral shine with fruits
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Concentrated Arabica Coffee Paste
KWD 24.850 KWD 24.850 24.85 KWD
Pure Arabica coffee bean paste expresses the coffee bean flavor in all its purity. Ideal for confectionery, sauces preparation , ice cream ... Let your imagination run wild and boost the flavors in your creations.All the essence and flavor of the Arabica coffee in concentrated paste format to facilitate handling, but with the maximum presence of raw material.
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Concentrated Caramelised Pecan Nut Paste
KWD 31.600 KWD 31.600 31.6 KWD
Roasted and caramelized pure pecan nuts reduced to oily paste. An unusual pralinأ© indeed !
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Wet Proof Crispy Strawberry
KWD 25.100 KWD 25.100 25.1 KWD
Freeze dried crunchy granules of strawberry (2 to 25mm) that resist moisture. Coated with cocoa butter, this makes them perfect to use as dأ©cor or insert, specially in ice creams !
Candied Broken Violet
KWD 27.000 KWD 27.000 27.0 KWD
Delicates candied broken pieces of 1mm of violet flower and the perfect floral dأ©cor in confectionery, pastry, bread products, desserts, ice- creams, teas, fillings...
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Candied Broken Rose
KWD 20.000 KWD 20.000 20.0 KWD
Delicates candied broken pieces of 1mm of rose flower and the perfect floral dأ©cor in confectionery, pastry, bread products, desserts, ice- creams, teas, fillings...
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Dried Cornflower
KWD 23.850 KWD 23.850 23.85 KWD
Finding dried flowers is easy, finding flowers that are actually suitable for food and with a long shelf life is a different story. Those are guaranteed pesticide free and food friendly.
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Powdered Psyllium
KWD 23.500 KWD 23.500 23.5 KWD
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Muscovado Sugar
KWD 4.250 KWD 4.250 4.25 KWD
A moist and precious brown sugar from Mauritius island, beautiful if used in cake loaf such as banana bread. RECIPE CORNER Custard cream muscovado mandarin brioche
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KWD 4.000 KWD 4.000 4.0 KWD
Dextrose is the name of a simple sugar that is made from corn and is chemically identical to glucose, or blood sugar. Dextrose is often used in baking products as a sweetener, and can be commonly found in items such as processed foods and corn syrup. It is rapidly fermented, hastens the rising process and reduces cooking time and energy costs. As a reducing sugar, dextrose also yields desirable browning in less cooking time. Perfect for sweets and ice creams. RECIPE CORNER Truffle meringue Classical meringue Violet ice cream Chocolate ice cream Pistachio ice cream Lemon sorbet Wet proof yoghurt sorbet
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Anti Humidity Icing Sugar
KWD 4.500 KWD 4.500 4.5 KWD
Special icing sugar that will not melt in presence of humidity. This is for decoration purposes and not cooking. RECIPE CORNER Mandarine segment
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Natur Emul
KWD 15.000 KWD 15.000 15.0 KWD