Waterproof Thermometer -50 To +200 Degrees
KWD 9.850 KWD 9.850 9.85 KWD
This electronic digital thermometer is helpful for checking the temperature of cooking meat. The probe is pointed and penetrates easily into the meat. Do not use in the oven or in microwave oven.
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Small syrup density meter
KWD 6.000 KWD 6.000 6.0 KWD
This professional syrup hydrometer is used for making jam, jelly, liqueur, sorbey, chutney, conserved fruits, etc. It has 2 scales : one in degree baumأ© (15-40آ° Baumأ©) and the other in g./ml (1100- 1400 g./ml).
Oven Thermometer + 50 To +300 Degrees
KWD 5.500 KWD 5.500 5.5 KWD
Professional Grade Oven Thermometer.
Mini electronic hygrometer thermometer
KWD 5.500 KWD 5.500 5.5 KWD
Indicates the temperature and the humidity rate for inside. Magnet on the back. Accuracy : +/- 1آ° C / +/-5%. Range : -30+60آ°C / 0 - 95%. 1 battery LR1130 included
Infrared thermometer - 38 D to + 365 D
KWD 38.000 KWD 38.000 38.0 KWD
AUTO-OFF function . Backlight. Indicates temperature in آ°C or آ°F . Supplied with a cover for belt. 2 batteries 1.5V included.
Electronic cooking digital thermometer-timer -25 to 250 degrees
KWD 14.000 KWD 14.000 14.0 KWD
This thermometer has a 1 meter (3 feet)- metal wire. The probe resists to temperatures from 0آ°C to 250آ°C. It is used to read the inner temperature of food during cooking. Instant digital readout. The stainless steel probe and wire are heat resistant. Equipped with an automatic alarm sound. There is a magnet for metal surface attachment.