Sugar Thermometer
KWD 15.000 KWD 15.000 15.0 KWD
This non mercury sugar thermometer will be perfect for all your candy or sugar preparations.
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Sugar Scissors
KWD 7.000 KWD 7.000 7.0 KWD
Scissors for pulled sugar, ultra resistant
Sugar Blowing Squeeze Pump
KWD 18.000 KWD 18.000 18.0 KWD
Sugar blowing is rather like glass blowing and requires a pump like this one.
Copper Massive Sugar Saucepan Diam.20cm
KWD 62.000 KWD 62.000 62.0 KWD
This sugar saucepan with two pouring lips (for left- or righthanded people) has a stainless steel handle that remains cold so as not to burn the user's hand.