Tuile Maker of 21 holes of Diam.4.1cm x thickness 2mm
KWD 22.650 KWD 22.650 22.650000000000002 KWD
A must for all your favourite Tuile work.
Set of 4 Caramel Rulers 10 x 15mm (2 of 50cm + 2 of 80cm)
KWD 45.000 KWD 45.000 45.0 KWD
A must for all your caramel work.
Kitchen Blow Torch
KWD 12.000 KWD 12.000 12.0 KWD
The famous blow torch for all your burnt caramel
Copper Massive Conical Jam Pan with Cast Iron Handles D.38cm
KWD 38.000 KWD 38.000 38.0 KWD
The genuine traditional and luxurious utensil used to bringing sugar or fruit to a boil to make jams, jellies or preserve. آ  The cast steel handle are firmly riveted.