Steel 'Raplette' Spreader Adjustable with width & height
KWD 97.300 KWD 97.300 97.3 KWD
The Pascal spreader lets you spread cream or chocolate with a single action. A special feature is its adjustable width and height which allow you to make very thin layers. Use it with or without its detachable cream comb teeth. The cream comb has two different triangular tooth spacing. The spreader is also handy for preparing chocolate shaving.
Set of 10 stainless steel chocolate forks
KWD 19.400 KWD 19.400 19.400000000000002 KWD
The stainless steel chocolate forks have a handle made of polypropylene. The box includes 10 forks.
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Rhodoid Sheet 150 Microns 60x40cm x 100pcs
KWD 40.400 KWD 40.400 40.4 KWD
Glazing sheets used as a backing. Sheet for chocolate and cream filling or butter cream designs .They enable transfers to be applied to the top or the base of a cream cake.
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Chocolate Mill 10cm stainless steel
KWD 16.100 KWD 16.100 16.1 KWD
An exclusive creation made by Debuyer for making chocolate chips as well as parmesan. It is solid and effective with its special stainless steel mechanism. The handle makes it easy to use.