Thick Alluminium Baking Tray - Special Hard 1.5mm - Straight Edge 60 X 40
KWD 26.200 KWD 26.200 26.2 KWD
This aluminium tray is specially designed for transmitting the cold in frozen food cabinets.
Silicone coated fiberglass baking mesh 'AIRMAT' 58X38cm
KWD 9.900 KWD 9.900 9.9 KWD
Perfect for baking choux paste and bread and tart doughs. Ideal to bake rawfrozen doughs. Can be used as a freezing support. Use Tآ°: -55آ°C to +280آ°C (-67آ°F to +536آ°F). Ventilated fabric for an homogeneous cooking and crispy dough bottoms. Silicone-coated nonstick fiberglass fabric: do not grease. Ideally, the baking mat is to combine with the alluminium baking tray (code 7367.60 and 7362.60)
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Silicone coated baking paper 100% natural 38cm X 8 meters
KWD 4.300 KWD 4.300 4.3 KWD
Baking paper unbleached , double sided, reusable, natural and Ecological. For oven cooking (traditional and microwave) of pastry, breads and special frozen products until 220آ°C (428آ°F). 100% natural fibre 100% PEFC * and PFOA free guaranteed
Perforated Alluminium Baking Tray Diam 3mm, oblique edge 60 X 40
KWD 14.750 KWD 14.750 14.75 KWD
The perforated plate with formed edges is ideal for use in fan ovens. Example : toasting almonds. It is a perfect support for cooking in silicone pastry moulds.
Non stick baking silicone mat 60X40cm
KWD 9.900 KWD 9.900 9.9 KWD
This cooking mat is made from canvas dipped in food-grade silicone to prevent any sticking whatsoever. It replaces greaseproof paper and can stand an average 1000 visits to the oven. Maximum temperature: 280آ°C (536آ°F). This mat can also be used as an underlying support for freezinganddeep-freezing. It is easily cleaned with hot water and a sponge.
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Flour scoop stainless steel 75cl
KWD 20.000 KWD 20.000 20.0 KWD
Better than plastic, this stainless steel scoop ensures perfect hygiene. The stainless tube handle is welded.
Flour scoop stainless steel 1.4L
KWD 22.300 KWD 22.300 22.3 KWD
Better than plastic, this stainless steel scoop ensures perfect hygiene. The stainless tube handle is welded.
Box homemade bread
KWD 17.750 KWD 17.750 17.75 KWD
G The ideal package to make homemade breads ! This fun box contains: baking tray for 2 baguettes, nonstick steel + rectangular mould 30 cm, nonstick steel + baker blade to slit the dough before baking bread + supple plastic scraper. Eco friendly packaging. Delivered with easy recipes from Benoأ¯t Castel, artisan pastry maker and baker
Beech rolling pin L.50cm
KWD 8.500 KWD 8.500 8.5 KWD
A professional rolling pin made of beechwood. Elegant display for 21 cones or cone glasses