Instant Glass Froster
KWD 210.000 KWD 210.000 210.0 KWD
The machine you need to have if you want to apply a lovely frost on all your glasses before serving!
Confit Kit for Kitchen Aid
KWD 162.000 KWD 162.000 162.0 KWD
At last an easy to use machine which you simply add to your kitchen aid and that will enable you to make your favourite caramelised sweets and nuts. RECIPE CORNER Nuts coated with carrots Caramelised pistachios with strawberry Golden chocolate coated hazelnut Confit kit general usage
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Vacuum Pack Machine
KWD 48.000 KWD 48.000 48.0 KWD
The vacuum pack does wonders for longer shelf life and freezer purposes.
Set of Two Rolls for Vacuum Pack Machine
KWD 7.000 KWD 7.000 7.0 KWD
1 set of two tolls to use with the vaccum machine code: 32185. Measure: 1 roll of 28cm x 5 meters + 1 roll of 22cm x 5 meters
Automatic Compressor for airbrush
KWD 85.000 KWD 85.000 85.0 KWD
This compressor will give power to your airbrush gun.
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KWD 78.350 KWD 78.350 78.35000000000001 KWD
This professional airbrush will do wonder on your cakes !
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