Organic sugar without sugar Erythritol
KWD 6.450 KWD 6.450 6.45 KWD
Made from natural fermentation of corn, this sugar contains NO calorie and NO sugar and yet again it possesses the same flavor as conventional sugar ! It is the champion of DIABETIC alternative, as it is not metabolized by the body and thus it does not have any impact on the glycemic index. It is therefore an excellent alternative for all your preparations that require sugar and it is also stable in cooking!
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Organic Agave Syrup
KWD 12.650 KWD 12.650 12.65 KWD
A common and natural sweetener used in food and drinks. It is often used as a substitute for sugar, simpleآ syrup, honey, and molasses to sweeten cocktails, tea, and coffee. Some people also prefer it because it is lower on the glycemic index than sugar.
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Muscovado Sugar
KWD 4.600 KWD 4.600 4.6000000000000005 KWD
A moist and precious brown sugar from Mauritius island, beautiful if used in cake loaf such as banana bread. RECIPE CORNER Custard cream muscovado mandarin brioche
Cassonade Sugar
KWD 4.250 KWD 4.250 4.25 KWD
The coarse french brown sugar, try it on Crأ¨me Brulأ©e! RECIPE CORNER Tropical sphere
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Sorbitol in Powder
KWD 5.150 KWD 5.150 5.15 KWD
Sorbitol granulated 100%, Produced from glucose, Dietary food sweetener, Anticrystallizing, Moisturizing, Facilitates the durability of the emulsion and retards the rationing of fats such as ganache, truffles or spreads, does not produce browning by heat treatment. RECIPE CORNER After eight truffles
Glucose Liquid 40DE
KWD 5.000 KWD 5.000 5.0 KWD
Glucose derived from starch. Prevents recrystallisations of the sugar in sweets and gummies. It provides elasticity and keeps products such as pastries, icings and truffles tender. 75 g powdered sugar substitutes 100 g liquid glucose. RECIPE CORNER Ganache passion fruit After Eight truffles Ganache of chocolate and raspberry
Fondant Sugar Paste
KWD 8.950 KWD 8.950 8.950000000000001 KWD
The perfect professional fondant for all your eclairs and choux glazing, cake decoration and caramel. RECIPE CORNER Fondant with caramel and cocoa
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Isomalt in powder
KWD 18.000 KWD 18.000 18.0 KWD
100% isomalt, derived from sucrose. It may be substituted for sucrose in a 1:1 ratio without changing the physical characteristics of the final product. It provides half the calories of sucrose. Stable at high temperatures without browning (150آ°C) RECIPE CORNER Isomalt decor Isomalt decor
KWD 4.400 KWD 4.400 4.4 KWD
Dextrose is the name of a simple sugar that is made from corn and is chemically identical to glucose, or blood sugar. Dextrose is often used in baking products as a sweetener, and can be commonly found in items such as processed foods and corn syrup. It is rapidly fermented, hastens the rising process and reduces cooking time and energy costs. As a reducing sugar, dextrose also yields desirable browning in less cooking time. Perfect for sweets and ice creams. RECIPE CORNER Truffle meringue Classical meringue Violet ice cream Chocolate ice cream Pistachio ice cream Lemon sorbet Wet proof yoghurt sorbet
Anti Humidity Icing Sugar
KWD 5.300 KWD 5.300 5.3 KWD
Special icing sugar that will not melt in presence of humidity. This is for decoration purposes and not cooking. RECIPE CORNER Mandarine segment
Inverted Sugar ("Trimoline") liquid
KWD 16.900 KWD 16.900 16.9 KWD
Moisturising, it keeps pastry products softer when substituting 10 -15% sucrose with inverted sugar. It maintains moisture in icing and truffles. Antifreeze for ice cream production. Accelerates fermentation of the yeast dough. Best coupled with Sorbitol for longer shelf life in ganache.
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Rolling Sugar
KWD 13.750 KWD 13.750 13.75 KWD
Pure white traditional rolling sugar, to cover your cakes or create decorations.
Atomised Glucose in Powder
KWD 3.850 KWD 3.850 3.85 KWD
Glucose powder is a dehydrated glucose syrup. It prevents recrystallization of sugar in jelly beans and candies, gives elasticity and maintains tender elaborations sweets such as ice creams, pastries, ganaches and truffles. Can replace 100g of glucose liquid with 75 g of glucose powder.
Sugar In Grain Average Size (For Brioche)
KWD 16.800 KWD 16.800 16.8 KWD
Special form of coarse sugar for brioches, waffles آ  and chouquettes.
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