Organic "Matcha" Green Tea Powder
KWD 38.750 KWD 38.750 38.75 KWD
Undeniable for a japanese kick to your confections, this is a premium organic Matcha powder indeed. Use it in beverages, cakes, frostings Can also be used as a NATURAL COLOR and FLAVOUR in chocolate and cocoa butter RECIPE CORNER Matcha tea bubbles Chocolate and Matcha tea rock
Activated Charcoal in Powder
KWD 6.500 KWD 6.500 6.5 KWD
Activated charcoal has a variety of popular uses: It can be used to relieve bloating and gas, clean hair and skin, treat insect stings and mild infections, and even whiten teeth. Great when used as smoothie or in desserts, ice cream or ganache as an 'added health benefit' ! Can also be used as a NATURAL COLOR on sponge, croissant, meringue, macaron, royal icing, jelly, chocolate, cocoa butter, ice cream, custard, pasta.