Candied Strips of Orange Peels
KWD 19.750 KWD 19.750 19.75 KWD
Sugar candied natural orange peels, dip them in temperate chocolate and you'll have a French classic called Orangettes.
Candied Ginger Shavings
KWD 12.950 KWD 12.950 12.950000000000001 KWD
Sugar syrup candied ginger pieces of 2 to 5mm, exquisite as appetiser or in desserts, ice cream, confectionery, bakery
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Candied Ginger Cubes
KWD 9.500 KWD 9.500 9.5 KWD
Sugar candied natural ginger peels of 15mm, great in a savoury dish, dipped in a dark chocolate or used as dأ©cor
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