Calcium Gluconate & Lactic Calcium
KWD 5.000 KWD 5.000 5.0 KWD
This additive is a salt that enables 'spherification' . A calcium bath that is added with the prepared liquid mix,( use in molecular gastronomy in making fake caviar. آ  Used also for reverse spherification in which the end product can be dissolved and used again. RECIPE CORNER Caviar of liquorice Tortilla coulant Sperification of raspberryآ 
Sodium Alginate
KWD 9.750 KWD 9.750 9.75 KWD
This additive is used to make pearls, fake caviar, ravioli, alginate spaghetti. RECIPE CORNER Spherification of Lychee Spherification of yoghurt Tortilla coulant