KWD 24.570 KWD 24.570 24.57 KWD
Whipping effect, increases airing effect. Emulsifier and texturizer. Perfect for desserts like mousse, meringue, macarons, candies, marshmallow, glazed products, pastry, drinks and foam. May be used for both cold and hot application. RECIPE CORNER Blackcurrant meringue
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White Egg Powder
KWD 21.350 KWD 21.350 21.35 KWD
Substitute for egg white, foaming agent. Gives 25% more foam and is 5 times more stable than fresh egg white. Elaborations: Meringues / Macarons / Marshmallows / Souffles / Sponge cakes / Mousses. RECIPE CORNER Tiramisu coulant ice cream Meringue of truffle Macaron with white egg powder Meringue Souffle of chocolate
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Soya Lecithin in Powder
KWD 18.500 KWD 18.500 18.5 KWD
Natural emulsifier. Soya lecithin is an ingredient that facilitates the binding of water molecules with molecules of fat. This binding facilitates the incorporation of air in many different types of dishes, from pastas hit foams, mousses and ice up. Its also the perfect emulsifiers to make good desserts. RECIPE CORNER Chocolate and Matcha tea rock Bubble air of olive oil and soya lecithin Bubble air of lemon
Cream of Tartar
KWD 15.050 KWD 15.050 15.05 KWD
An ingredient that facilitates the union of water molecules with fat molecules. This union facilitates the incorporation air in many different types of dishes, from beaten pastes to foams, right through to mousses and ice- creams. For this reason having a good range of emulsifiers is essential to make a good dessert.