Madagascar Vanilla pod 12-15cm length
KWD 75.000 KWD 75.000 75.0 KWD
Juicy and plumpy Madagascar vanilla pods that await to be infused or grated to indulge your favorite custard or whipped cream
Marygold Petals
KWD 63.200 KWD 63.200 63.2 KWD
Freeze-dried marigold petals. With freeze-dried flowers, you can have them throughout the year, without having to worry if it is season or not.
Pure Pistachio Paste 100%
KWD 56.400 KWD 56.400 56.4 KWD
When used as an ingredient in any recipe, it adds the maximum flavour of pistachios and allows you to sweeten to taste: spreadable creams, ice-creams, semi-sorbets, mousses, cream fillings, sweets, chocolates, nougats, etc. RECIPE CORNER Cake Alexandria Pistachio ice cream Crunchy pistachio creamy
Freeze Dried Red Beet Cress
KWD 46.800 KWD 46.800 46.800000000000004 KWD
Scarlet cress lyophilized, it has a very lively color that will give an original touch to any dish. what accompanies well meat dishes, game, fish and salads.To play with the taste contrasts, you can add it in a dessert, as opposed to its sweetness. With freeze-dried flowers, you can have them throughout the year, without having to worry if it is season or not.
Organic "Matcha" Green Tea Powder
KWD 38.750 KWD 38.750 38.75 KWD
Undeniable for a japanese kick to your confections, this is a premium organic Matcha powder indeed. Use it in beverages, cakes, frostings Can also be used as a NATURAL COLOR and FLAVOUR in chocolate and cocoa butter RECIPE CORNER Matcha tea bubbles Chocolate and Matcha tea rock
Freeze Dried Natural Green Olive Powder
KWD 36.550 KWD 36.550 36.550000000000004 KWD
Freeze dried green olives reduces to a fine powder, amazing when mixed with other flours and very creative ! Can also be used as a NATURAL COLOR for on sponge, meringue, macaron, royal icing, jelly, chocolate, cocoa butter, ice cream, custard, pasta. RECIPE CORNER Verbena lemon and green olive fruit paste
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Powdered Psyllium
KWD 35.750 KWD 35.750 35.75 KWD
Concentrated Caramelised Pecan Nut Paste
KWD 34.350 KWD 34.350 34.35 KWD
Roasted and caramelized pure pecan nuts reduced to oily paste. An unusual pralinأ© indeed !
Carob Bean Gum
KWD 32.500 KWD 32.500 32.5 KWD
Carob bean gum brings viscosity to food preparations. It improves water retention in food. It also prevents ice crystals from forming in house windows and makes them more supple. It also delays the melting of ice and sorbets. Carob bean gum is heat-soluble. The carob flour keeps its properties in acid solutions (lemon juice, vinegar, ...) RECIPE CORNER Stable cream Macaroni of Soya Fresco dessert
Grilled Natural Aroma Powder
KWD 32.450 KWD 32.450 32.45 KWD
Natural grilled aroma powder, powerful and smoked, with a slight memory to the aroma of the meat roasting in the barbecue. Can be used in any culinary experience and especially great for home made Fatayers !
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Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder
KWD 32.300 KWD 32.300 32.3 KWD
Freeze dried natural raspberry powder, great for ganache, bread, ice cream, drinks, you name it ! Can also be used as a NATURAL COLOR on sponge, meringue, macaron, royal icing, jelly, chocolate, cocoa butter, ice cream, custard. RECIPE CORNER Caramelised nuts with raspberry Chocolate and red berries texture
Bourbon Vanilla Paste
KWD 32.250 KWD 32.250 32.25 KWD
Pure Bourbon vanilla beans and seeds reduced to paste. Great for adding the natural flavour you require for all your desserts , ganache and ice creams ! RECIPE CORNER Bourbon vanilla ice cream Promochi (Kuzu) with vanilla Bourbon vanilla mousse
Prosorbet Stabilizer For Sorbet
KWD 32.000 KWD 32.000 32.0 KWD
A profesional stabiliser for all your favourite sorbet, elaborated in cold process
Candied Broken Violet
KWD 31.590 KWD 31.590 31.59 KWD
Delicates candied broken pieces of 1mm of violet flower and the perfect floral dأ©cor in confectionery, pastry, bread products, desserts, ice- creams, teas, fillings...
Praline Italian Hazelnut 50%
KWD 28.500 KWD 28.500 28.5 KWD
Pralinأ© 50/50 of Italian hazelnut, with 50% hazelnut and 50% sugar, mixture of nuts and sugar. It is perfect to apply in confectionery as a base for fillings and toppings and in the elaborations of chocolate sweets. RECIPE CORNER Creamy praline
Praline Macadamia 50%
KWD 28.080 KWD 28.080 28.080000000000002 KWD
The amazing taste of macadamia nuts reduced to oily paste. An unusual pralinأ© indeed !
Concentrated Arabica Coffee Paste
KWD 27.000 KWD 27.000 27.0 KWD
Pure Arabica coffee bean paste expresses the coffee bean flavor in all its purity. Ideal for confectionery, sauces preparation , ice cream ... Let your imagination run wild and boost the flavors in your creations.All the essence and flavor of the Arabica coffee in concentrated paste format to facilitate handling, but with the maximum presence of raw material.
Freeze Dried Crispy Fig
KWD 26.950 KWD 26.950 26.95 KWD
Freeze dried crispy fig 2-5mm. Fig crispy is a product that has an intense, fresh, natural flavour that widens the scope for creativity in confectionery, bread products, desserts, ice-creams, teas, fillings, etc.
Coffee pure natural extract
KWD 26.910 KWD 26.910 26.91 KWD
Natural essence, extracted from coffee, suitable to flavor chocolate as well as other mediums like beverages, cake batters and more. Can also be pulverized directly onto your food items !
Guerande Salt
KWD 26.550 KWD 26.550 26.55 KWD
This 'flower of salt' Guأ©rande salt is located in southern French region Brittany. Very white, with fine, snow-like crystals and a very slight hint of violet, it enhances meals by bringing out the taste of even the finest dishes. Only a small amount should be used on raw or cooked food.
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