Organic Cold Pressed Hazelnut Oil



Origin: France
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Weight: 250g


The oil is a very important nutrition source in a well-balance diet. The special combination of its components, especially proteins, carbohydrates, beta-sitosterol, basic vitamins and minerals, give this nut a special place among other nuts – for its unique ability to protect the body against diseases. Hazelnuts and the oil made from them are the best-known sources of vitamin E which is essential for a healthy heart and muscles and for normal functioning of the reproductive system. It prevents the disintegration of red blood cells and therefore works as a protection against anaemia. Another advantage of vitamin E is its ability to lower the level of cholesterol. Linoleic acid which plays an important role in the growth and the healthy development of the body is one of the acids contained in hazelnuts. Other minerals contained in hazelnuts are: calcium, iron, zinc and potassium. According to some researches, the risk of a death is 50 % lower in the people who consume hazelnuts or hazelnut oil than in the people who have never eaten hazelnuts.


00351006 Organic Cold Pressed Hazelnut Oil

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