FAME Co (France & Middle East Co.) was originally created in 2000 in France and relocated to Kuwait in the summer of 2001.

FAME Co started as a commercial agency for the promotion and the development of French foodstuff into Kuwait and at its early beginning in Kuwait.

In 2005, F.A.M.E Co started its own import and distribution from France to Kuwait and slowly but surely became incontestably, THE SPECIALIST of Kuwait offering the largest, most famous and exclusive portfolio of French Food and non food Products within the universe of PASTRY/BAKERY items.

In 2010, FAME Co continued to advance its leadership position

and started offering its clients, whether home business or establishment, a wider

pallet of services : pastry chef recruitment, sampling, sourcing of equipment, lab installation, photo shooting, food costing ect… and in the same year, FAME Co also opened its FAME Co lab and began giving PRIVATE PASTRY CLASSES via a French pastry chef brought directly from France and for all the pastry/chocolate makers of Kuwait.

Finally, 2010 was also the year when FAME Co managed to bring the number 1 French pastry magazine into Kuwait to cover some of the “creme de la creme” chef currently working in the market. A special edition was released in France in August of the same year and a complete success was made out of it.

2011, was the stepping stone of “pastry shows” via “PASTRY LIVE AND BEYOND” show held in Ibis hotel in November of that year and which met a great enthousiam from pastry chef and pastry amateurs… Live TV for a pastry demo was also part of the same year.

In 2012, FAME Co simply offered the same services and products but with a WIDER choice of chef as well as products and ideas so as to satisfy all your demands. This was also the year when FAME Co ‘s event “PASTRY LIVE AND BEYOND CHAPTER II”. An event which combined both a pastry demo with the famous pastry chef and French champion (MOF) Bruno Pastorelli and a first pastry competition of a kind assembling professional and amateurs of pastry.

And finally, 2012 was also the opening of FAME Co Boutique! The “retail” store of FAME in Kuwait.

In 2013 , FAME Co kept on growing and accounted for 18 major brands and a third event towards the end of the year.

2014 and FAME reflects 25 premium brands with a 95% overall, Made in France and a third event in November 2014 : Pastry Live & Beyond Chapter III with a live presentation by MOF Bruno Pastorelli.

2015 and FAME is launching its own brand and is also going retail for a more global approach !

2016 and FAME accounts for more than 35 brands including its own. Pastry class and pastry & chocolate consulting via our French accredited chef are well reputed and much in demand. This year is also the launch of FAME 4th event : Pastry Live &

Beyond Chapter IV

In 2017, FAME expends its Gourmet Line with even more delicacies but also the refurbishing of our Flagship Store in the heart of Salmiya so as to give you a greater selection of products and a better service. The ever so popular Pastry classes now give a wide choice of disciplines taught.

2018 now accounts for a variety of brands Made in France, Spain and UK.

Stay tuned for ever more Rich, more Quality, more Tradition from the FAME team!

To be followed….